Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Have A Question...

that I should ask myself.

What in the sam hell is going on?

I'm a writer at heart and a writer by profession and yet words have fallen to the dark side, left to be discovered perhaps at a later date when I may or may not need them. Mmmmm, she wonders!

So I ask myself -- what purpose do my words serve? Should I make you laugh, cry, or should I try to fool you with a story that just might be but never has been? Should I fling 'shite' like wallpaper to cover all exposed surfaces or dangle a pacifier to soothe your ills away?

I guess that will be what unfolds here as this site begins to develop. My old friends are starting to stop by and it's nice to know that they still find me worthy of a look here and there.

So I wait for your questions in hopes that I will not become a rambling idiot.

Until then, keep your peckers up!


Meloncutter said...

Ok... here is your first question. I took your advice and am keeping my pecker up. It has been 2 days. What do I do with it now?

Later Y'all

Kilroy_60 said...

My best advice, Jacqui, is to depends on friends to to lead they way. The true ones will be there to the end. Truly to the final day. That's all, for now, that I have to say.

Oh, sorry, one more thing...
Kilroy was here!

Skittles said...

Um.. I don't have a pecker. Well, hubby does, so that's mine, too, right? Except he likes to play with it more than I do. Oops..

As for your blog.. be true to yourself :)

Comedy + said...

Do a little of everything. That way we will always be off guard. I love humor, so almost any kind is great for me. You are covering that quite nicely. I'm still working on a question.