Monday, March 26, 2007

Ex Hexed


I recently found out that one of my ex-wives is reading my blog. At least she does not comment. Since she is both happily married and also I am anything but kind when discussing these women, what could her motivation possibly be?

And how do I stop such a run-on sentence?


First of all, let me just say that blog traffic is sometimes difficult at best to acquire so kudos on your constant and growing audience.

As far as your EX reading your blog, I think this suggests that she still secretly desires you and you continue to serve as inspiration to fuel her current fantasies no matter how bad/good your parting was. Some girls, no matter how they try to hide it, just like 'bad-for-them' boys.

On the other hand, since you say you are not kind when discussing your ex-wives (studman), perhaps she misses your potty-mouth banter in her new marriage. Remember the old adage 'sometimes you don't know what you want until it's gone.' The premise of happiness is not always what it appears to be to the naked eye. Maybe Mr. Right is too nice and she's really bored and keeping tabs on you gives her some kind of odd satisfaction.

Since you have not mentioned a current wife, it's also possible that she might just be undulating in some kind of warped happiness because you are NOT married again.

This in turn may make her feel like she is irreplaceable in your life and that you will forever remain a lonely guy, although based on your picture, this is not likely the scenario (and there are rumors). Your singleness may just be providing her with the fodder she needs to keep her current marriage in the blissful state that you suggested in your question.

Since she does not leave comments it is also possible that she's just plain nosy. Some would consider this an ex-stalking but I would guess that in this case it is nothing more than morbid curiosity.

If you really want to see where she's at-I suggest posting something daring and provocative on your blog about your ex's. You might just provoke her into leaving a comment. Although if this was a problem during your marriage (too many comments) I would suggest leaving things as they are because once you open Pandora's Box there's no going back.

As for the run on sentences my suggestion would be to start using your grammar skills by inserting commas and periods so that we can stop them where they should be stopped, which will lead to less confusion for those whose reading skills have been limited but not entirely erased over time because of ailments that affect our brain as we get older and which leave us the inability to rationalize where a sentence should begin and where one should end correctly.

Dr. J


Comedy + said...

Good one dr j, Bud will love this. You are too funny.

I am a new reader to your site. See you tomorrow. Perhaps I can come up with a question for you in the near future.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

It is all clear to me now. You are a riot. That last sentence:

Odat said...

That Meloncutter man sent me over.....I don't know whether I'll be able to laugh so much in one day if I read both of you...
Funny stuff...Welcome back!

Mimi Lenox said...

Pithy advice for Bud. Ha!
He's right. You are sooooo funny.

Mimi Lenox said...

I have a question for Dr. J.

I'm in a serious long-distance relationship with a wonderful man. We see each other as often as possible and communicate daily, but the time spent apart in-between trips can be tough. Can you offer advice on how to maintain a romantic and happy long-distance lovelife?

Counting The Days

Theodore Trumblebunks, I, Esq. said...

Love the new blog, jb!

I'll be stopping by more often!

-Theodore Trumblebunks, I, Esq.