Monday, July 16, 2007

Therapy Versus Euthanization


My dog seems to have a controlling personality. Should I seek help and try medication to help him sort through his odd ways or what?


If your dog spends too much time on his own he may resort to creating an invisible play mate so he won't feel so alone. There are a few solutions that might benefit your dog such as providing him with a mate, someone he can learn to play with during the times you are away, or you might consider working from home to spare him from seperation anxiety.

Many breeds are prone to vivid imaginations and can create something out of nothing as seen in the following video.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Marriage Versus Courtship


Will marriage end the delightful times of courtship?


Often times things do change as relationships progress. Sometimes it is better not to tie the knot, but simply carry on in a care free manner. Below is what can happen when boredom sets in.

Here we see true love during courtship. It can have that anytime, anywhere kind of love fest that is found during periods where there is no pressure, no expectations, no strings attached.

When you add the responsibilities of maintaining a long term relationship such as marriage, the stress can often lead to arguments and tension that cannot be resolved by sex alone.

Many times, long term relationships end up becoming very flat when the excitment of new love wanes so you should carefully consider all aspects of committing to a life long relationship.