Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stress Can Be Relieved Harmlessly


I'm feeling extremely stressed out at the moment. Is there something I can do to relieve what's boiling up inside?


Every one of us has daily stress factors that alter our everyday lives.

In this day and age it's not uncommon to find ones plate full and then some but, what do you do about it. Usually we go back for seconds and even thirds to feel like we've accomplished something as each day passes.

Striving to 'do-it-all' and achieve goals too quickly can often dampen the glory of the win but, if you pace yourself, you might just find that you will accomplish the same goal without putting so much emphasis on the time frame.

If there is no way to avoid situations that put the binders on your emotions, look for ways to relax when you have a spare moment. Sex or masturbation are sure ways to release endorphins that usually will cause your body to let down for a moment and give you a little 'piece' of mind.

You can also turn off the television, put down the newspaper and avoid world news that is far too disturbing to digest. Cognitive centers will hold painful information far longer than that which we perceive as pleasant so avoid things that disturb you.

If it's housework that's got you overwhelmed, put it off for a day or two. Forget the fact that your laundry pile may have taken on a life of it's own. Wear a crinkled up dirty shirt and tell people it's linen. If it's the kids that have got you spiraling out of control, send them packing to a friends house for a night (or a week if you can get away with that).

If you need something more tangible to do immediately then you might want to watch this video that I previously posted on my other site The Not So News. It's sure to make you laugh, which in turn should help you release some pent up stress.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

That "sex" thang sure cures a lot of ills...

Comedy + said...

Loved the video. That monkey is a real hoot. I was waiting for one of the limbs to break... and well, you know!

Great post and Bud said it all...Well from the male perspective anyway.

Matt-Man said...

I will make sure to put all of your links back up on my site this weekend...I havent gotten around to you since your return from the abyss...Cheers!!

bobbarama said...

Sex and masturbation? OK ... wait ... brb.

bobbarama said...

OK, then ... where was I. Oh, yes. You're quite the find! I had a good time browsing your blog. Love your understated humor.